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July 21

created by Leonardo Zakour

Internet Services should pay for what their customers use of internet bandwidth, same as any other utility.

So, as a factory is paying for the amount of electricity they use, an Internet service should do the same for the bandwidth they need to operate. This way you can keep net-neutrality, the networks can improve their service and small internet companies can afford the same speed with fair prices.

July 20

created by William Hicks

Drop wool in favor of animal-friendly materials that are free of cruelty.

PETA investigations of sheep shearing found that workers in Australia, the world's top wool exporter, and the U.S. killed, beat, stomped on, kicked, mutilated, and threw sheep around as they sheared them.I ask that you help end this cruelty by no longer buying and selling wool. peta.vg/wool

July 19

Anonymous complaint

Maybe it's time to update the symbol library on Illustrator?

The Symbol Libraries from the Illustrator gallery are extremely outdated, feels like you are having the same one since first version of Illustrator.



El plugin BlendMein es una solución a esto, funciona tanto en Illustrator como en Photoshop.

July 19

created by Quintin Sanders

Stop trying to resell the same episodes under a different bundle (ie. Best of Guest Stars)

The Big Bang Theory strategy to sell more episodes just with a bundle of "best of..." or "producer's pic" is ridiculous and is also lack of respect for their loyal followers. Also, iTunes shouldn't allow this to be call seasons, because the actual season doesn't show anymore on the notifications.

July 18

created by Elena_mau

Banana Tree's food is disappointing!

The crispy duck wasn't really crispy, the food was average and I found a hair in my salad... Not impressed at all!



I also had a really bad experience with the same dish and the Banana Tree Soho, the duck was rubbery instead of crispy!