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April 15

Clash of Clans upgrades should have the option to pay with time (and less resources)

There should be an option for players to choose between different upgrade costs. Being able to reduce costs if you are willing to wait longer. Example: Mortar upgrade level 8 for 6.4M for 10 days, 5.4M for 15 days and 4.4M for 20 days.

April 14

created by Leonardo Zakour

MacBooks's Chargers should have a better lifetime.

Every 12-15 month they are snapping! Can't be that the computer last 10 times more than the charger. The cables that are peeling of (for no good reason) or it just "burn" and you need to replace it.

April 12

Please Dropbox, remove Condoleezza Rice from your board of directors!

We will not use a service employing a war criminal who has a history of fabrication & lies. Unless you remove Condoleezza Rice from the Dropbox Board we will stop using Dropbox and move to an alternative cloud storage provider.



Let's hope Dropbox listen to their users before it's too late! I really enjoy their products, specially the Mailbox app.



Dropbox gave a statement on their blog but not sure if it makes any difference until they take Rice out of Dropbox: blog.dropbox.com/2014/...

April 11

created by Quintin Sanders

Clash of Clans should have a "Clan Reward" for wining the clan war! Not an individual loot.

Wining a war is a "team effort" and having only the loot you personally collected when you win as a clan doesn't make that much sense. It should be a clan reward (ie. extra gold, boost, gems, etc). Something that encourage players to actually play a war... right now is the same as single attacking.



It could be 1 gem boost on the mines for a day or something like that