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April 22

Anonymous complaint

Please Google, create an iOS app for Analytics

This is one of Google's core products and checking stats on mobile is a must for any person owning a website.

April 19

created by Quintin Sanders

Lux Ult “Final Spark” is not hitting properly.

It happens a lot that it goes through the enemy but it doesn’t hit it. This makes the hero really unplayable. Riot, you need to fix this ... this bug has been going on for months now.



plz fix this bug its very annoying

April 16

Anonymous complaint

Allow to navigate pages on preview mode.

Would be awesome if we could navigate preview modes when searching for a version to restore. The homepage is not always the best reference for the version you are looking for.

April 16

created by Quintin Sanders

Everything is too expensive on Clash of Clans!

It's so hard to upgrade something, everything is so expensive and you get less gold by attacking with 2000-2500 trophies than you do with 1000-1500. It really feels that the only way to get the lasts upgrades is buying gems; it should be a way to normal players to also get there.